Executive Breakfast | Session 2: Sustainability at the heart

When? 12 October 2023
What time? 8:00 CET
Where? The Merode, Place Poelaert 6, 1000 Brussels

About the Breakfast Series

The multiple crises we are confronted with today call for transformations towards more sustainable societies. Businesses, as major actors of, and in, society have a crucial role to play. In this context, the question of purpose becomes central. In a rapidly changing world, some companies have already started their sustainability journeys, others are considering strategic moves. Sybille van den Hove, together with a series of guest speakers, will explore why and how to place purpose and sustainability at the heart of business vision, mission and strategies.

Session 2: Sustainability at the Heart

General Outline

  • When business is designed to solve sustainability issues, the case of Urbike
  • The cooperative model as a way to support a focus-centred company

In this session, Philippe will share his experience as an entrepreneur developing a business where sustainability has been placed at the heart from the very beginning. The case of Urbike will be discussed. Urbike is a Brussels-based cyclo-logistics cooperative. It aims at improving the quality of life in cities by shifting the last-mile transport of goods in the cities from vans and light trucks to cargo-bikes. Today Urbike has 45 employees and has delivered more than 350000 parcels which allowed for avoiding more than 80 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

About the Speakers

Host : Sybille van den Hove

Sybille van den Hove has been exploring sustainability issues for almost 3 decades, in science, at the science-policy interface, and with businesses. She builds bridges with the hope of fostering transformations. She is also an independent Director at IBA and co-founder of the 2030 CEO Alliance for Sustainability. 

Guest Speaker: Philippe Lovens, Urbike, Co-founder and CEO

Philippe Lovens is an entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Urbike. He puts his energy, his curiosity, his pragmatism at the service of innovation and the concretisation of systemic solutions working for the global improvement of our society. 

The Upcoming Breakfasts

During the 5 breakfast sessions that will take place between September 2023 and January 2024, interactions with speakers and between participants will help you embark on your sustainability journey or reinforce your existing plans. We aim to share with you intellectually rigorous and practically inspiring knowledge, ideas and tools.

The format will be highly interactive and the last breakfast will be a workshop dedicated to work on your business transformation ideas and plan.

Webinar: Purpose at the Heart – A rationale for business transformation Setting the Scene Sybille van den Hove15 June 2023 Past Event
Session 1: Purpose and Sustainability Transformation Pierre Mottet, Chairman of the Board – Company: IBA21 September 2023 Past Event
Session 2: Sustainability at the heart Philippe Lovens, Co-founder and CEO – Company: Urbike More info and registration for session 2 here12 October 2023
Session 3: A rationale for business transformation  Sybille van den Hove – Company: Alliance for Sustainability 9 November 2023
Session 4: Views from the Future: bringing in the voice of the Youth Members of Corporate Re-generation 7 December 2023
Session 5: Let’s get started Workshop Interactive workshop and sharing of experience between participants 18 January 2024

Registration is open until 11 October.

For more information about the event, please contact Megan O’Shea megan@bmiinstitute.com

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