Global Voices in Vilnius: Thriving as a Foreigner

When? 2 September 2023
What time? 16:45
Where? Lukiškių kalėjimas

Are you curious about the diverse experiences and inspiring journeys of foreign professionals living in Vilnius, Lithuania? Join us for an extraordinary panel discussion that brings together professionals, executives, businesspeople who, being foreigners, have chosen Vilnius and Lithuania as their home. Also those, who being natives, have an opportunity and experience of working and leading international teams in their global companies.

Come and immerse yourself in the stories about unique challenges, fails and triumphs.  Get answers to your questions, engage in a discussion and network.

You will meet:

Guillermo Boggione – Deputy Director at Socialinių iniciatyvų paramos fondas; current student of BMI Executive Institute EMBA programme

Yvan Laurent – Managing director at Mediq Business Services Lithuania; BMI Executive Institute EMBA EMBA programme alumni

Alex Gibb – Entrepreneur, Partner of Katalista Ventures

Skirmantas Mačiukas – VP Baltic States BU at Circle K, BMI Executive Institute EMBA programme alumni

Eitvydas Bingelis – Head of Office at International Organization for Migration, BMI Executive Institute EMBA programme alumni

Mark your calendars now and reserve your spot for inspiration, learning, and cross-cultural celebration at the panel discussion “Global Voices in Vilnius: Thriving as a Foreigner”.

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