Purpose at the Heart – a Rationale for Business Transformation

When? 15 June 2023
What time? 12:00 CET I 13:00 EEST
Where? Zoom

The multiple crises we are confronted with today call for transformations towards more sustainable societies. Businesses, as major actors of, and in, society have a crucial role to play. In this context, the question of purpose becomes central. In a rapidly changing world, some companies have already started their sustainability journeys, others are considering strategic moves. Sybille van den Hove, together with a series of guest speakers, will explore why and how to place purpose and sustainability at the heart of business vision, mission and strategies.

During the 1-hour introductory webinar, Sybille van den Hove will set the scene by exploring the context in which companies are operating today from a sustainability perspective. She will use examples from different companies to show how focusing on purpose can lead to impactful business transformations.

Sybille van den Hove has been exploring sustainability issues for almost 3 decades, in science, at the science-policy interface, and with businesses. She builds bridges with the hope of fostering transformations. She is also an independent Director at IBA and co-founder of the 2030 CEO Alliance for Sustainability. 

The 1-hour seminar will be followed by 5 in-person interactive executive breakfasts to explore the why and how of business transformation.

During the 5 breakfast sessions that will take place between September 2023 and January 2024, interactions with speakers and between participants will help you embark on your sustainability journey or reinforce your existing plans. We aim to share with you intellectually rigorous and practically inspiring knowledge, ideas and tools.

The format will be highly interactive and the last breakfast will be a workshop dedicated to work on your business transformation ideas and plan.

Session 1: Purpose and Sustainability Transformation

Guest Speaker: Pierre Mottet, IBA, Chairman of the Board

  • The sustainability Journey of a listed high tech company: IBA
  • “The best for the world” : how the B Corp framework helps companies transform towards sustainability
  • Sustainability and purpose: the role of the Board of Directors

Session 2: Sustainability at the heart

Guest Speaker:  Philippe Lovens, Urbike, Co-founder and CEO

  • When business is designed to solve sustainability issues, the case of Urbike
  • The cooperative model as a way to support a focus-centred company

Session 3: A rationale for business transformation

Sybille van den Hove, Bridging for Sustainability

  • The current poly-crisis call for business transformations: the state of our world
  • Frameworks to navigate the business sustainability challenges

Session 4: Views from the Future: bringing in the voice of the Youth

Guest Speakers:  Members of Corporate ReGeneration

  • Why and how to bring the views from the youth, future generations and other living beings in business design and transformation
  • ReGeneration Committees and other tools to bring the voices of the future generation and nature in your company’s governance

Session 5: Let’s get started workshop

All Participants

  • Interactive workshop and sharing of experience between participants.
  • What we’ve learned, what we want to transform



WebinarPurpose at the Heart – A rationale for business transformation – Setting the Scene Sybille van den Hove15 June 2023
1 sessionPurpose and Sustainability Transformation IBA – Pierre Mottet, Chairman of the Board21 September 2023
2 sessionSustainability at the heart Urbike – Philippe Lovens, Co-founder and CEO12 October 2023
3 sessionA rationale for business transformation Sybille van den Hove9 November 2023
4 sessionViews from the Future: bringing in the voice of the Youth Members of Corporate Re-generation7 December 2023
5 sessionLet’s get started Workshop Interactive workshop and sharing of experience between participants.18 January 2024


Registration is open until the 14 June.
Language of the webinar – English.

For more information about the event, please contact Yugo Uemaru:

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