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Executive Education

In-company Trainings

BMI delivers world-class customised training solutions that empower companies and executives to achieve their objectives more quickly and more fully.

Fully Customized Trainings

We offer fully customized practical trainings on any topic relevant to a company’s needs and goals. Our goal is to create tangible value for each client by addressing their specific challenges and opportunities.

In-company training benefits for companies:

  • Increased revenue and reduced costs
  • Significantly reduced employee turnover
  • Renewed/clarified strategy and optimised internal business processes
  • Strengthened employee competences and build strong teams capable to collaborate successfully
  • Improved internal and external communication
  • Successfully implemented changes/innovations and other specific challenges resolved

Format flexibility:

  • Webinar for the unlimited number of employees
  • Small groups, live or online
  • Long-term programmes, spread over several months or year(s)

Designing the In-company Training


Discussion and analysis of client’s specific needs


BMI proposal for tailor-made training to address client needs and solve challenges


Initial meeting with trainers/lecturers on content, method


Finalising the details of the planned training, format


Company decision and signing of the contract

Areas of Expertise

Strategy & Innovation

  • Business strategy planning and execution
  • Innovation strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • Strategic networking 
  • Board member training and other

Leadership & Management

  • Leadership skills (face-to-face and virtual)
  • Self-leadership and leading others
  • Change management
  • Executive presence
  • Understanding the power and status games to create cooperative partnerships
  • Management by values
  • Self-belief
  • Neuroscience
  • Coaching
  • Interpersonal impact and trust building
  • Corporate management 
  • Management successor development (from junior to upper levels) 

HR & Effective Team Culture

  • Managing talented people
  • Building highly effective teams
  • Impact of employee motivation on business profitability
  • Teambuilding and motivation
  • Team effectiveness and handling conflict
  • Creating an effective feedback culture

Business Operations

  • Project management
  • Crisis management
  • Operations management
  • Supply chain management
  • Performance management
  • KPI setting and execution
  • Identifying and managing project risk 


  • Sales strategy and tactics
  • Creating value-added sales for client advisors
  • Accelerating growth with key accounts
  • Value creation through sales
  • Effective negotiations and tailor-made sales boost 


  • Account analysis and financial performance
  • Finances for decision-making
  • Company valuation 
  • Investment decision
  • Corporate financeM&A
  • Fund raising 
  • Finances for non-financiers


  • Branding strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Building and maintaining brand awareness
  • Linking marketing strategy and customer experience to drive profitability 


  • Impactful negotiations
  • Communication and decision-making
  • Skills for influencing and communicating


  • Business ethics and compliance
  • CSR 
  • Sustainability
  • Time management 
  • Issues specific to an industry or organisation

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