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Digital Transformation



  Industrie 4.0

Sales Growth: 69%;
Increased market share: 41%


Return on Investment (ROI) by 97%

  Increased productivity by 30% 



Get the knowledge on product, service and business model innovation

Develop understanding of key tools and techniques in managing innovation

Gain skills in diagnosing innovation performance

Identify new products and markets that can be accessed through digital technologies


Recognize new digital technologies that will impact your business

Develop an action plan to boost your own organization’s innovation performance

Build practical understanding by visiting advanced manufacturing (Industrie 4.0) companies in Frankfurt, Germany.


Executives assume that digital transformation, product, service and business model innovation are the driving forces for corporate growth.

To become a digital leader, organizations should develop digital business agility, which combines hyperawareness, informed decision making, and fast implementation.

The 3 module BMI programme of 4 months approaches Innovation Management, Digital Transformation and Industrie 4.0 as an integrated process to take insights into strategic thinking around opportunities to develop when moving towards artificial intelligence and robotisation era.

INDUSTRIE 4.0 (Frankfurt)

This 3-day module equips the executives with the cutting edge knowledge on recent industrial developments impacted by the emergence of artificial intelligence, robotics and related transformations in the corporate life. Lectures are combined with the visits to "smart factories" that allow participants take a close look at Industrie 4.0 ('the fourth industrial revolution') first-hand.

• Industrie 4.0 – Using Digitilization for the Next Industrial Revolution;
• Industrie 4.0 – State of the Art & Current Trends;
• Company visits in Frankfurt area:

Ranks second in automotive supplierworldwide and generates sales of €44 billion


Leading provider of top-class electrical products and web-based solutions
with 754 human employees only records an annual turnover of €118 million

Automotive part manufacturing company with the overall foundry capacity of 20 million cast parts per year

Rating (in a scale of 100%) in 2018: 94%



The module will give you an overview of the key aspects of managing innovations. It will explain key tools and techniques and guide delegates in how to select the most appropriate approaches for their organization to achieve growth through innovation.

The 2-day module will focus on:
• Key aspects of Innovation Management;
• Product & service innovation;
• Business model innovation;
• Creating a culture of Innovation;
• Managing the fuzzy front-end of Innovation;
• Strategic tools;
• Selection and process tools;
• Innovation, implementation processes and action planning.

Rating (in a scale of 100%) in 2017: 98%



In particular, the program will help participants leading digital transformation in their organizations establish the necessary environment for success with digital, address the key questions of where, when, and how to invest, and consider how they can manage the necessary transformation to realize planned outcomes.

Programme Objectives:

• To establish a frame of reference for considering digital in a strategic context;
• To provide a language to discuss opportunities and challenges;
• To introduce frameworks to aid in considering options and crafting a digital strategy;
• To illustrate the pathways that suggests lead to successful transformation.

Rating (in a scale of 100%) in 2019: 92%

For tuition fee and application procedure, please contact BMI at: Anžela +370 602 05633, +370 5 2487246,, Grėta Aukštuolytė, +370 5 248 7553, or Jurgita +370 5 248 7254,


CEO, “PF Kekava“ and Deputy CEO, AB “Linas Agro Group“

This was very practical module - visits to companies, possibility to see advanced and modern solutions, strong theoretical lectures and discussions with high-level managers and business owners who took a part from diverse industries - helped me to take the insights into strategic thinking regarding the implementation of processes and instruments belonging to Industrie 4.0. Modules like this give the opportunity to get to know better each of the participants and to communicate in an informal environment.

Director General, Lietuvos Geležinkeliai

Intelligent transport system is essential in building competitive advantage locally and internationally. Lithuanian Railways, aiming to become a leading modern company, considers investing into trendsetting applications related to artificial intelligence. Thus, BMI "Innovation & Digital Transformation programme” is in line with our ambitions for break-through development.

Strategic Marketing Director, SBA Concern

"Every manager‘s day is planned down to the minute and finding the "hold on" button to switch to learning is not easy. That is why the lecturer‘s ability to engage the participants in a lively discussion, as well as awaken the desire to search for answers and question them instead of merely sitting back, is of vital importance. Professor Keith Goffin possesses these qualities and more; his charm, suble sense of humour and expertise combined with knowledge of various management fields has turned a seminar into an inspiring workshop. I highly recommend it!"


"The biggest benefit of the module in Frankfurt is leaving your comfort zone by personally taking part in production processes of innovative companies that are very advanced with robotization. Seeing the effectiveness with your own eyes you get a clear understanding of how production evolves and how to use it in your own company."

Vice President, INIT Corporation

"This programme gave me valuable facts, insights and contacts for where the cutting edge of industry is today, what to expect in the near future and what are the likely longer-term scenarios. There’s definitely a new revolution underway and Germany is where it began. The BMI module provides the practical executive view."





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