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April 14-19, 2024

Learning Journey in the Amazon, Brazil with HEC Paris

Take a unique opportunity and learn more about why the climate agenda and the Amazon are so important to the world, what has been and can be done by companies and finally how the improvement can be made.

Key information

  • Main Topics: Sustainable Development, Leadership, Governance and International affairs Brazil and the World.
  • The duration of the course is 5 days, totaling 40 hours of activities.
  • Location: Amazon Forest Manaus City and Tumbira Community, Brasil.
  • Number of Participants: 14 students and 2 staff members from HEC Paris.

The purpose

Societies are realizing that the climate agenda is too important to be left in the hands of fragile governments captured by interest groups. The world is headed towards a climate crisis, and it is urgent to accelerate business response to it.

The Amazon is vital to Brazil’s future, and to the planet. It is essential in balancing the climate, and its biodiversity is immense – including more than 2,000 fish species, 14,000 plant species and around 1.5 million species of fungi. The region is key to maintaining the rainfall regime that feeds agricultural production, hydroelectric power generation and urban water supply.

The region’s current challenge is to overcome an economy driven by deforestation to achieve an economy focused on valuing the standing forest, creating solutions adapted to the Amazonian reality, focused on people and for the conservation of natural capital. There is vast potential for the Amazon bioeconomy to promote equity, deliver prosperity, foster sustainable production, and protect nature.

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The group will be made up of students from different areas, who share an interest in building a more sustainable future, seeking knowledge and practices that can help them on their path as agents of change. Learning comes from different sources: the forest itself, the local community, specialists in the area of ​​sustainable development and through exchanges between the participants of the group.


Price: 9 000 EUR per person.
Limited seats are available.

Price includes:

  • Boat Rental for 3 days (Double rooms) 2 nights
  • Accommodation in Manaus 4 nights (Single rooms)
  • All meals Food and Beverage (Lunch and Dinner)
  • Courses, Lectures, Activities with Communities in Manaus and Materials
  • Supporting staff, bilingual Programme Manager

Excluded from the package:

    • Airfare
    • Insurance
    • Additional personal costs

    Registration and more information

    Ieva​​​​ Kaknevičiūtė
    Manager, Executive MBA

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