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MODULE | Vilnius | 1-2 December, 2023

Strategic Decision-making

With Prof. Mihael Jeklic | King’s College London, UK


The module provides an interdisciplinary overview of decision-making with a focus on understanding judgment and decisions as shaped by developments in the field of cognitive psychology in recent decades. It is designed to engage participants through a combination of theoretical discussions, cognitive and interpersonal exercises, and applied decision-making simulation cases. This provides a solid theoretical understanding as well as experiential familiarity with the phenomena under examination.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Possess a working knowledge of probabilistic modelling (decision analysis) for legal and business decisions.
  • Understand behavioural decision research related to judgments in decision-making and common mistakes in decision-making processes.
  • Critically examine and audit your own and others’ decision-making processes in light of common biases and judgmental errors.
  • Flexibly and creatively apply the acquired knowledge in unfamiliar contexts, synthesize ideas or information in innovative ways, and generate transformative solutions.
  • Use personal reflection to analyze yourself and your own actions in light of the presented descriptive theory.

Price of the module – 2200 EUR
Limited seats available


Mihael Jeklic

A Lecturer (Assistant Professor) and Director of Professional Skills at King’s College London.
  • Before joining academia, he was a principal banker with a development bank in the City of London and a teaching assistant at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard.
  • His academic research focuses on (social) cognition in negotiation and strategic decision-making, with a special emphasis on (social) cognitive biases and debiasing techniques.
  • Has a law degree from Harvard and a PhD in psychology from UCL.

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